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Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF)

On behalf of SASREF Management, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Olayan Descon management & execution team for the outstanding shutdown.

You & your team did remarkable achievements in this challenging outage in term of safety, quality, & time. Let’s keep the same momentum in the upcoming shutdowns.

Hani Showaikhat, Lead Mechanical, 2016

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF)

Generally, very happy with what I have seen. Olayan Descon turnaround team seems well organized. Actions are taken on our concerns and recommendations. People know what is going on, can explain what they are doing, are generally compliant with requirements and understand what is expected of them to perform their tasks safely.

Please keep up the good work, maintain the high level of energy and continue to reinforce basic requirements and key expectations with the work force at every opportunity.

Patrick D.L. Mercera, Safety Manager, 2016

Al Jubail Fertilizer Company (Al Bayroni)

We appreciate Olayan Descon in recognition of their valuable contribution towards successful Mechanical Completion of Technical Grade Urea (TGU) Project on 26 March, 2014.

Abdullah M Al Shamrani, President, 2014

Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Company (SASREF)

Olayan Descon has shown excellent performance in execution of Instrumentation Master Plan (IMP) Project Phase II of their commendable efforts & quality contribution throughout, bringing this prestigious and essential project to SASREF business to a safe and successful completion.

Ahmad Al Abdrabbuh, Manager, 2009

Saudi Aramco

We acknowledge contribution of Olayan Descon to the success of MEX 210 “Evaluating Heat Exchanger Design & Installation” course conducted by Engineering Services of Saudi Aramco.

Abdullah M Al Qahtani, Instructor, 2008

Saudi Iron & Steel Company (Hadeed)

We acknowledge valuable contribution by Olayan Descon in Hadeed Module AB turnaround maintenance, and completing the turnaround job in record time for Hadeed DR Plant Maintenance.

Hamad Al Tassan, DR Plant Manager, 2008

Saudi Aramco

We appreciate Olayan Descon in recognition of field erection of two firewater tanks for the Haradh GOSP-2 facilities. The firewater tanks were completed on schedule in a professional manner.

Essam Al Kadi, Manager Projects
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